Oregano Oil for Sinus Infection Dosage, Benefits and Risks

Oregano Oil for Sinus Infection

Sinus infections are incredibly common. They typically follow a respiratory illness and are characterized by nasal discharge, headaches and pressure sensations in the head area. Most of the time, they are caused by a virus, but they can also be caused by bacteria as well (and, in some cases sinus infections that start off viral in nature end up becoming bacterial infections over the course of the illness). There can also be fungal sinus infection, particularly in individuals who are allergic to the free floating airborne microscopic spores, although infection can occur in people following a nasal injury or trauma. Many times, antibiotics for sinusitis are prescribed, although they are only useful if the cause is bacterial in nature. Surgical removal of fungal matter and antifungals are the treatment options for fungal sinusitis. But, in the case of viral sinusitis, treatment options are rather limited and the illness is typically left to run its course, with painful symptoms like a persistent sinus headache lasting for days or weeks at a time. Oregano oil for sinus infection relief is one home remedy that is thought to be useful in providing some relief of symptoms either in place of over the counter preparations or in conjunction with them.

Oregano oil is taken orally as a means to cure a wide variety of ails including a sinus infection. It’s been touted as a home remedy for the swine flu, coughs and colds and other respiratory ails, and rosacea. WebMD notes that oregano oil has also been linked to treating psoriasis, dandruff and athlete’s foot as well. And, varicose veins, toothaches and fatigue are also purportedly treatable with the oil from this food related plant. WebMD also explains that oregano oil is in fact very effective at eradicating various intestinal parasites, with six week oral courses eliminating the parasitic threat, thus indicating the powerful medicinal effects of oregano oil. But, it’s the use of oregano oil for sinus infection relief that is most curious as the way in which it’s thought to work is not fully understood. Perhaps it’s the antifungal properties found within the oil that make it effective. Or, perhaps another chemical contained within the oil that is effective at relieving infections of the sinuses. While there is no medical evidence to support the countless claims of effectiveness, oregano oil for sinus infection relief remains a popular home remedy.

Unlike many over the counter remedies for the relief of symptoms associated with sinus infections that can cause drowsiness and headaches, there are no side effects known for using oregano oil orally, although stomach upset has been reported in some users. When taken as directed and in safe dosages, oregano oil for sinus infection relief is considered to be likely safe, according to WebMD. Dosing standards are not in place for the plant derived oil when used as a sinusitis treatment; however the safe established dose for use of stomach parasites is 200 mg thrice daily for six weeks. Exceeding this established safe dosage for any use is not recommended. It is important to point out that while oil of oregano is considered extremely safe, it does interact with lithium and patients taking it should not use oregano oil as such. And, oregano oil for sinus infection relief is not considered safe for use during pregnancy and should be avoided entirely as it may contribute to increased risk of miscarriage. This natural option among sinus infection remedies is also not appropriate for people who are allergic to plants that are in the Lamiaceae family of which oregano is a part of. This includes those with existing allergies to mint, lavender, sage and marjoram.

It’s not known how oregano oil for sinus infection relief works or what precisely the mechanism of action is by which it provides symptom management. However, many people attest that it’s more effective than some over the counter remedies both in providing symptom relief and shortening the duration of the illness. It’s important to remember however that if a sinus infection lasts longer than expected (over ten days) or is accompanied by worrisome symptoms such as an elevated fever or chills, that medical assistance be sought out promptly. And, speaking to a health care provider before employing the use of natural treatment options is always a good idea to ensure that it is safe and will not contradict with current medications or health conditions.

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