Natural Fungal Sinus Infection Remedies

Sinus Infection Remedies

Sinus infection complaints are one of the leading reasons for trips to the doctor’s office in the United States. They are incredibly common and often the result of bacteria or viruses. However, new studies indicate that fungus may be to blame in a large majority of cases of chronic sinus infection complaints, whereby microscopic fungi were found present in a very large majority of sufferers. Common sinus infection remedies such as antibiotics prove to be useless against infections of a fungal source and in almost all cases surgical removal of the offending matter is the recommended course of treatment. But, even following successful treatment, fungal sinusitis can recur. Airborne fungus is particularly at home in the moist and dark crevices of the nasal cavity where in some cases the spores can clump together in the formation of a fungus ball, creating obstruction and a worsening of symptoms like pain, pressure and enduring sinus headache. No home based therapy options exist for the management of chronic sinusitis treatment, however for elimination of repeated bouts, there are some natural ways to make this incredibly fungus friendly area markedly less hospitable.

Dr. Mercola explains that the key to staving off a fungus frenzy in the nasal area is to make it a less attractive piece of real estate, and this can be done naturally via several methods. Sugar elimination and the avoidance of simple sugar based grains can be one method. This is because it cuts off a valuable source of food for the sweet toothed fungus. Furthermore, Mercola continues, the consumption of cod liver oil or fish oil should be considered as preventative fungal sinus infection remedies. This is because of their beneficial effects on the immune system that can keep the body healthy and fighting off infections of all sorts, including those from a fungal cause. Lauric acid rich coconut oil can also be incredibly useful due to its antifungal properties, but, Dr. Mercola notes that sourcing is very important when acquiring coconut oil which if not derived from a natural source may contain harmful mycotoxins.

Oregano oil for sinus infection symptom relief may be useful as may be inhaling other beneficial essential oils. And surprisingly or unsurprisingly as the case may be, various exercises may also prove to be effective preventative sinus infection remedies. Expansion of the sinus cavity through physical activity is useful because it allows for greater air circulation as well as the passage of cleansing and gunk removing mucus throughout the sinus region.

While there are various methods for symptom management of fungal sinusitis that can be employed at home, it’s important to understand that medical care is required for proper management. In some cases, fungal sinusitis treatment may employ the use of antifungal medications to help combat the cause of the illness, along with physician removal of the offending fungal matter. Sinus infection remedies that are home based and care techniques can however be useful as preventative measure to prevent future recurrences of the condition.

It’s also incredibly important to understand the differentiation between invasive fungal sinusitis and the much more common non invasive form. While still requiring the care of a medical professional, non invasive forms of fungal sinusitis are much milder and less severe. They are often well managed and once the fungus has been removed, the symptoms disappear. Invasive forms however are much more serious and can be potentially life threatening. They can result in a loss of vision and even sense of smell. While uncommon outside of parts of Africa and Asia, invasive forms of fungal sinusitis do occur in other parts of the world. Typically, medical care will be immediately sought out if an invasive form of the condition is suspected, but it’s important that in order to differentiate between the two that no sinus infection remedies that are alternative or home based be employed until a proper diagnosis is made. In these very serious cases, delay of medical treatment can lead to detrimental consequences and even death. It’s important therefore not to assume that a case is or is not invasive without proper medical diagnosis.

Natural and home based sinus infection remedies can be incredibly useful at providing extra preventative measures to stave off recurrent bouts of chronic fungal sinusitis. They work by reducing the appeal of the nasal cavity as a home for thriving fungus. As Dr. Mercola explains, chronic infection can last for months or even years and as such, adding in a little cod liver oil or a splash of coconut is a relatively small measure to reduce the risk of infections that long lasting.